Exterior Building Wrap

Exterior Building Wrap: Eye-Catching Artwork & Advertisements for your Business

Discover a whole new way to advertise and attract attention! Exterior building wrap is just what you need to attract new customers and make a name for your business. Perfect for buildings located in busy downtown areas, artsy corridors, and hip, trendy neighborhoods, this one-of-a-kind architectural product is an all-in-one solution for your brand-building and advertising needs.

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Create a Vibrant, Artistic Display that Turns Heads!

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Create bigger-than-life-sized works of art that wrap around your building and catch the attention of those driving or passing by on the street. Or go all out and design a custom 3D advertisement that works better and lasts longer than traditional billboards. Exterior building wrap can be used for numerous applications. Whatever your goals, Scottish Window Tinting is ready to help with all of your commercial window film needs!

Applications for Exterior Building Wrap

If you want to give your property a unique, custom appearance then exterior building wrap is perfect for you! It can be used for any commercial, public, or government building and printed with virtually any text, color, imagery, or design. Some popular applications for exterior building wrap include:

  • Museums, libraries, and art galleries
  • Retail store locations
  • Stadiums, arenas, and concert venues
  • Grocery stores and strip malls
  • Schools, colleges, and university campuses
  • Buses, airports, and public transportation
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Commercial Window Film Design Process

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Designing your advertisements, murals, and promotional pieces with exterior building wrap is easy! All you have to do is schedule a design consultation with our office. During your appointment, we’ll discuss your goals and ideas. Then, we’ll dive into the design details and start taking a look at colors, graphics, and messaging.

If you have a design readily available to use, we’ll do our best to implement it. Or if you want some assistance, we’re happy to provide that too. Using computer aided design, we’ll create a digital rendering of how your building will look with the window film installed. After you give us approval, we’ll move on to the manufacturing phase.

Scottish Window Tinting is the nation’s leading source for commercial window film and tinting. Call our office today to learn more about exterior building wrap or get started with the process!

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