Bird Strike Prevention

Fritted Film Saves Lives & Money

Many of today’s modern windows come with highly reflective exteriors. Modern commercial buildings are frequently made up of walls of windows. Not only do they look like they are reflecting the wide open sky to people, they also look like open sky to birds. This has led to numerous bird collisions, when the birds fly right into the reflective glass. Bird advocacy groups report that bird-on-glass collisions result in hundreds of millions of bird fatalities each year in this country, much more than the bird deaths caused by with accidents with power lines, towers, and wind turbines combined.

Get bird strike prevention for your commercial building’s windows with a “bird window film,” also known as a fritted window film.

What is Fritted Film?

It is based on fritted glass, which is glass that has patterns of lines or ceramic dots embedded into it for the purpose of having birds recognize it as a wall, not clear blue sky. The fritted window film is available with horizontal lines, vertical lines, or a dot pattern, and it can be customized as well. With a fritted bird strike prevention window film, you’ll get the same effect and the same results, for a fraction of the cost of replacing windows with genuine fritted glass.

Help Protect our Avain Friends

Subtle fritted patterns make large, reflective windows clearly distinguishable from the sky. Not only does this help save the lives of hundreds of birds a year, it can also help businesses save thousands otherwise spent on messy cleanups and, in some cases, glass replacement due to excessive residue from impact, or cracked window panes. Our fritted bird strike prevention film can be cleaned as usual and can also be removed if desired.

If your commercial building has reflective windows and issues with birds flying into them, contact us today for a free quote on fritted bird strike reduction window film.