Fade Protection and Anti Glare Home Window Tint

Fade Protection and Glare Reduction

Today, home window tints offer a wide variety of benefits to homeowners. They can add thermal efficiency to the windows, helping to cut heating and cooling costs and making the home more comfortable. They can add security, giving greater peace of mind and thwarting anyone trying to break in through the windows.

But many of these window films are multi-taskers, giving all sorts of benefits aside from their primary use. Two such benefits are fade reduction and anti-glare window tint. Glare reduction is an incredible benefit that any homeowner can take advantage of.

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Fade Protection

Of course you don’t want the upholstery on your sofa, the rugs on your floors, or the drapes in your windows to fade and look shabby before their time. That’s just what will happen though, with the omnipresent Colorado sunshine. With window films, you can get a 99.9 percent UV block, which will dramatically cut down on fading and give your home’s interior furnishings a much longer lifespan. No more turning over that sofa cushion to hide a stain, only to discover the underside is a whole different color from the rest of the sofa! No more lifting up an area rug, only to find the rest of the floor has faded around it and you’re left with a darker rectangular shaped space on the floor!

Protect your home from fading…

  • Hardwood & Carpets
  • Furniture
  • Artwork
  • Drapes & Window Coverings

Fade protection enables significant savings, helping prolong the lifespan of your home valuables. It also works throughout the home to protect a wide variety of items including personal care products, perishable goods, and much more.

Causes of Fading


Glare Reduction

Have you ever tried to watch something on your TV, only to discover the glare of the sun beaming in through the windows made it nearly impossible to see whatever was on the screen? And even when you closed the shades, the sun was still making you squint and giving you a headache? Glare reduction is another multi-tasking benefit that comes with energy efficiency, some security, and other types of window films. These days, we are on our electric devices more and more. Phones, tablets, laptops, TVs. Glare makes all these glass screens difficult to see. Save your eyesight, reduce eyestrain and squinting, with windows films that also offer glare reduction along with their other main benefits.

Reduce Glare in your home…

  • TV Screens
  • Computer Screens
  • Reduce odd glare points in your home
  • Improve the general comfort of your family

Glare reduction improves all screen-viewing activities, enabling better comfort and productivity. Minimize the side effects of excessive glare including headaches, eye fatigue, squinting, and more.

Window Film Construction


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