Security Window Film for Austin

Scottish Window Tinting Offers a Full Selection of Security Window Film for Austin Commercial, Residential, and Government Buildings

When it comes down to it, there’s really nothing more important than safety. And while Austin is considered a relatively safe city, the potential for danger is still out there. Natural disasters, break-ins, and vandalism pose a threat to both home and business owners. But now you can easily get the defense and protection that you need with security window film for your Austin commercial, residential, or government building. Security window film can protect your building and occupants from even the most dangerous of situations and is a smart idea for schools, universities, airports, retail stores, hotels, and more.

Types of Security Window Film

Theft Prevention

Guard your home or business from break-ins with theft prevention window film. Theft prevention window film works to hold broken glass in place once it has been shattered. It can make the difference between an intruder from entering your building in a quick thirty seconds to several minutes or multiple attempts, which gives police the time they need to arrive and apprehend them. Theft prevention window film is perfect for restaurants and retail stores on Sixth Street as well as commercial office buildings all throughout the downtown area.

Anti Graffiti

Anti graffiti film is a clever solution for preventing damage to your building caused by vandalism. Anti graffiti film is a thick, durable film that’s applied to mirrors, metal, and other hard surfaces to cover up existing graffiti and protect the underlying surfaces from future damage. If the film gets scratched or tagged, it can be easily removed and replaced. Anti graffiti film is a great choice for Austin public transit systems, schools, property management companies, and more.

Bomb Blast

Places where people gather in mass numbers are a target for terrorists and other criminals. That’s why airports, government buildings, universities, and other public areas need a high level of security. Bomb blast protection window film can defend your building and occupants in the case of a high impact, life threatening situation. At Scottish Window Tinting, we work with 3M, C-Bond, and other glass defense systems to provide a high level of protection for building owners and the general public.

Take your security up a notch. Call Scottish Window Tinting today to learn more about our security window film products available in Austin. We look forward to assisting you with your project.