Energy Saving Window Tinting Salt Lake City

Save Up to 60% on Energy Costs with Energy Saving Window Tinting for Your Salt Lake City Business or Home

Salt Lake City experiences all four seasons, which makes for beautiful outdoor scenery. But with that comes the price of high energy expenses during the freezing winters and hot summer months. As temps rise and fall, so does your electrical bill. With energy saving window tinting, you can turn your Salt Lake City home or business into a more energy efficient and eco friendly environment. Experience up to 60% annual savings on electrical costs while enjoying the luxury of having a comfortable and healthy indoor environment.

Types of Energy Saving Window Tint

Heat, Glare, and UV Reduction

Put a stop to high energy costs with heat, glare, and UV reduction window film. Our solar control window films have the ability to not only prevent excess heat from entering your building, but they also reduce glare throughout your building to make screen viewing more comfortable. In addition, window tint has the ability to block out 99.9% of harmful UV rays that cause harmful skin and eye diseases as well as faded or warped furniture.

Daylight Redirecting

Boost employee productivity and cut down on costs for artificial lighting with daylight redirecting film. Daylight redirecting film harnesses the power of the sun, by extending the reach of natural light further into your building. Studies show that exposure to sunlight can lead to increases in employee productivity, higher student test scores, and lower absenteeism rates. Daylight redirecting film is a smart choice for Salt Lake City schools and businesses.

Low-E and Energy Saving

Stay comfortable indoors year round with low-e and energy saving window tint. Low-e window film helps to regulate the amount of heat entering and leaving your building, increasing the efficiency of your HVAC system. With energy saving window tint, you never have to worry about the Salt Lake City weather raising costs for your electric bill. Energy saving film is so efficient that you could experience a full ROI in less than two years!

Start saving on energy costs today! Contact Scottish Window Tinting to have energy saving window tinting installed for your Salt Lake City home or commercial building!