Mirror and Metal Restoration for Kansas City

Restore Damaged Mirrors or Metal Surfaces in Your Kansas City School, Transit System, or Commercial Building with Affordability and Ease

At Scottish Window Tinting, we know that replacing damaged mirrors or metal surfaces can be quite the expense. That’s why we offer mirror and metal restoration for Kansas City schools, transit organizations, multi-residential buildings, and other commercial properties. We work with premium graffiti protection films made by the leading manufacturer, Graffiti Shield, on all of our mirror and metal restoration projects. Anti graffiti film is a cost-friendly solution for covering up scratches, paint, and other marks in public buildings. It mimics the appearance of the surface on which it’s applied and due to its thick, durable design, can protect your building from future damage. If the surface becomes tagged, the film can be professionally removed and replaced to maintain the pristine appearance of your building.

Applications for Mirror and Metal Restoration

Commercial and Residential Property Protection

Graffiti makes your business look worn down and unclean, and can seriously damage your reputation. At Scottish Window Tinting, we have the ability to fully restore the appearance of the mirror or metal surfaces in your Kansas City apartment complex, restaurant, hotel, or commercial building. Our anti graffiti films are a more affordable alternative to replacing furniture, making them a smart choice for property managers and building owners.

Bus Stops, Light Rail Stations, and Transit Systems

Graffiti presents a troubling situation for transit organizations. A large amount of the population depends on the use of public transit systems, but unfortunately they’re often a popular target for vandals. The presence of vandalism can make a transit system look unattractive and unsafe, which deters people from using it. Our films can restore your bus stop, light rail station, or entire transit system with both affordable and ease.

School Restroom Partitions and Mirrors

School restrooms often become victim to vandalism because they offer privacy and seclusion. But seeing gang graffiti or crude writing at school can be unsettling for students and faculty. But replacing damaged mirrors or stalls can be difficult since education budgets are tight throughout Kansas and Missouri. Our films offer an affordable and long term solution for repairing damaged bathrooms in Kansas City schools and universities.

Looking for an affordable way to restore damaged or corroded surfaces in your building? Give us a call. Scottish Window Tinting offers low cost mirror and metal restoration for Kansas City and the surrounding area.