Kansas City – UV Window Film / Fading Protection Window Film

Window Film for Kansas City, Kansas

Kansas City Kansas Window FilmKansas City is fondly referred to as the Heart of America. And not just because it is almost in the geographic center of the contiguous United States, but because it reflects the diversity and innovation that makes this country so great. If you spend a lot of time walking around the city, you know that it is a city of fountains, food and (of course) some incredible sports! But what you may not have noticed, is that it is a city where many of modern american architectural styles and innovations were born. Did you know that glass-curtain style skyscrapers, which make up the vast majority of the skyscrapers that are built today, were practically invented in Kansas City in the early 1900’s? Its true! This style of architecture is highly predominant throughout the city. Though it certainly makes for beautiful high-rise offices and apartment buildings, it is also a magnet for vandalism, robbery, and can lead to a lot of lost heat during cold winter months.

Fortunately window film from Scottish Window Tinting has you covered. Businesses with offices in the heart of downtown can save up to 60% on heating and air conditioning costs each year by adding protective window film to your floor-to-ceiling windows. No joke, our window film is designed to keep out penetrating weather conditions and reflects damaging UV spectrum rays, which can not only make your office space hot and stuffy, but can also damage your electronics, furniture, floors and art. Another benefit of the window tinting is the privacy element. Window film can strengthen the privacy in your home or office.

Protecting What Matters

No city is free of crime, and adding security window film to a business or residence is an easy and effective way to deter break-ins and vandalism on your property, without adding ugly bars to windows, or expensive home security systems. Our security window films prevent home and office break-ins by making your glass windows completely impervious to shattering. So whether you are living in the heart of downtown Kansas City or in the lower east side, you can be rest assured your home, office, and loved ones are protected.

Contact us today for more information about our different product lines. We are proud to offer EnerLogic, Llumar and Vista window films. One of our expert customer service professionals is standing by to help you choose the most effective product for your needs.