Security Window Film for Kansas City

Defend What Matters with Security Window Film for Your Kansas City Home or Business

This world is an unpredictable place, meaning that disaster can strike at any time without rhyme or reason. That’s why Scottish Window Tinting provides security window film to Kansas City residents and commercial businesses. Security window film can protect your building and its occupants against a wide range of threats including bomb blasts, gunfire, burglary, natural disasters, and more. We offer a wide range of safety and security films that can the important things in your life protected and out of harm’s way.

Types of Security Window Film

Theft Prevention

Without a strong security system in place, your building is left vulnerable to criminals that are just waiting for the right opportunity to force their way inside. Take the stress out of building security with theft prevention window film. Theft prevention window film works to hold broken glass in place, which makes it much more difficult for criminals to enter the building. It can keep your valuables and important financial assets protected during all hours of the day so you never have to worry.

Anti Graffiti

Graffiti is every business owner’s worst nightmare. It looks terrible and once the damage has been done, it’s almost always impossible to remove. Not only is it a headache to replace tagged or damaged surfaces, but it’s also incredibly expensive. Luckily there’s an easy and affordable way to protect your building against graffiti: anti graffiti film. Anti graffiti film not only covers up existing graffiti but it also protects surfaces against future damage, preserving their pristine appearance for life.

Bomb Blast

Public buildings are more and more often becoming a target for terrorist attacks and other acts of violence. In such a dire situation, you need a security system that will provide a high level of safety and defense. By using a high impact protection system and bomb blast defending window film, you can protect your building and occupants from flying glass shards and other extreme dangers. We partner with leading brands like C-Bond and 3M that offer incredible ballistic resistance.

When it comes to safety, it’s important to take a proactive approach. Keep your building safe from unexpected danger with security window film from Kansas City’s Scottish Window Tinting. Call us today to schedule a consultation or get more information.