Energy Conservation Window Film Options for Salt Lake City Homes

Energy Conservation Window Film Options for Salt Lake City Homes

There’s no denying it – everyone likes saving money. The next best thing to the word “free” is the word “savings.” When you can save money on life’s necessities, it frees up your budget for more fun and entertaining things (shopping, traveling, entertainment, lattes, etc.).

That’s why one of the best investments you can make is installing energy conservation window film for your Salt Lake City home. Energy efficient window films are a great way to cut down on your household energy boost and save money during the year.

Below, we’ve listed some of our top recommendations.

How Does Window Film Conserve Energy?

Window film saves money by reducing the amount of energy needed to heat or cool your home throughout the day. Windows without film are poorly insulated, which means that heat passes through easily. This is a bad thing when you want your home to stay at a certain temperature. Window film prevents heat transfer by doubling the insulation of your windows.

Top Energy Conservation Window Film Options in 2020

Because of its energy saving benefits, the demand for window film has increased substantially in the last few years. Now, in the year 2020, there are a number of energy conservation window films that Salt Lake City homeowners can choose from. Here are some of our top recommendations:

3M Thinsulate Window Film

3M Thinsulate Window Film is a great option for homes in the Salt Lake City area. This window film is actually designed to work year round, keeping temperatures stable during both the summer and winter. Learn more: 3M_Thinsulate_Climate_Control_Window_Film

LLumar Low-E Window Film

Low-E means “low emissivity.” Glass with low-emissivity has a reduced ability to emit radiant heat. This makes low-e window film a great option for dual-climate areas like Utah. We highly recommend LLumar’s line of low-e window films.

Vista Window Film

If aesthetics are one of your main priorities, you’ll appreciate Vista’s line of energy conservation window films. Vista Window Films are stylish and elegant, giving them an upscale look. They’re also highly effective in terms of energy efficiency.

Install Energy Conservation Window Film for your Home

Now is the perfect time to invest in energy conservation window film for your Salt Lake City home. Call Scottish Window Tinting today to get started.

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