Buy your loved one the gift of protection. By loved one we mean your truck, by protection we are referring to one of our various automotive window films.

Maintain your trucks value

Maintain your trucks value

Is your truck one of your favorite things that you have ever purchased? Do you spend weekends keeping it clean and shining? Does it represent your business, and act as an important part of your company’s marketing? Or do you simply want to maintain your truck’s value as much as possible? After all, a truck is a sizeable investment.

With truck window film, there are several ways you can protect that investment. Of course, we all know that your brand new truck begins to depreciate the second you put it in drive and roll off that dealer’s lot. This is just a fact of life. But there are various things you can do, and perhaps already do, to try and best maintain its value.

You give your truck the maintenance it requires; keep it fairly clean, but what about your paint finish? Is it starting to fade over time? No longer the deep gloss it once had, even after going through the car wash? Is your truck’s front end pitted, scratched, dinged, chipped, or encrusted with the sticky carcasses of bugs that don’t seem to want to wash off? Truck window film can help. This product might be just what you have been looking for. There are various types of truck window film on the market, but the one we are specifically referring to here in this article is paint protection truck window film.

protective truck window film

Paint protection truck window film is a clear covering of urethane, sturdy and durable, that will be virtually invisible to the naked eye once installed. And it will protect the front end of your truck from road debris, from salt, sand, de-icers, and the corrosive effects of any other chemicals your truck may encounter. It can be installed on the fenders, the grill, the hood, the doors, in fact anywhere on your truck that you want to preserve and maintain the paint finish. Most customers use it on the front end, the same way a sports car owner might install a vinyl bra. But unlike the bra, truck window film adds no bulk, it doesn’t change the lines of the truck, and it won’t damage the surface of the vehicle either.

The other types of truck window film you might be interested in are UV protection truck window film and heat block truck window film.

For more information about any type of truck window film, we hope you will contact us at Scottish Window Tinting today. We have over a decade in the window film business and are pleased to offer the top quality window films on the market today, from manufacturers such as industry leaders Llumar and 3M.

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