Automotive Paint Protection Film

*Available in the Denver Metro Area ONLY

Automotive Protection of the Future

Fabric bras for your car are so 1990’s. Welcome to the future. Protect your car’s body and paint job with automotive paint protection film from Scottish. This revolutionary film is engineered like an average window film, but is specially designed to protect your vehicle’s body, rather than its windows. This film is strong enough to defend your car’s exterior from fading, cracking, scratches, dents and vandalism, but is gentle enough to be easily removed from your vehicle (by an expert) without damaging the paint. It is completely clear, and is totally car-wash safe, so you can defend your vehicle’s exterior without compromise. We highly recommend this film in conjunction with a clear window film, or tinted window film upgrade for your vehicle’s windows, to get the ultimate in automotive protection.

Customization Options

Paint Protection films can be installed in a variety of locations on your vehicles exterior. We customize each film installation to your particular make and model of vehicle, to give your car or truck the highest quality, specialized protection. You can mix and match protection options to get the specific coverage you desire for your vehicle. Choose one or many of the film treatment options we offer:

  • Front Bumper
  • Hood
  • Rocker Panels
  • Side-View Mirrors
  • Fenders
  • Door Edges, Handles and Steps

Self-Healing Super Film

Have you ever put a clear coating on your smart phone screen, only to have to replace it simply because it was scratched? Some lower quality protection films are similar to these cheap screen protectors, and must be replaced after every scratch or dent. Though the protection is often worth the hassle, wouldn't you rather protect your vehicle's exterior WITHOUT having to replace the film every time? Our top of the line paint protection films are made of a specific blend of fibers which are self-healing, meaning that they re-seal small scratches and cracks all by itself. This self-healing film greatly reduces the need to remove and replaces your paint protection film, and prevents scratches from effecting your vehicles body or appearance. With an automotive paint protection film upgrade, your car will be as invincible (and handsome) as Wolverine.

If you have additional questions about automotive paint protection films, other types of automotive window films, or to get started with your free, no obligation consultation, click below or give us a call at 303-662-8214. Our automotive window film experts are standing by to assist you in choosing the right automotive window film for you and your vehicle. Hit the road in style, with paint protection film from Scottish!