Creative Ways to Use Privacy Window Film in Your Austin Home

Creative Ways to Use Privacy Window Film in Your Austin Home

Achieving the perfect balance between light and privacy in your home isn’t easy. On one hand, options like blinds and drapes do a great job for creating privacy. But on the other, they also block out natural light. And using them means constantly opening or closing them, which can be annoying.

Privacy window films provide Austin homeowners a convenient alternative for creating privacy without blocking light or obstructing views of the outdoors. Below, we’ve shared some different ways you can use privacy window film to enhance your home.


Privacy Window Film Colors, Styles & Options

Another great benefit of privacy window film is that it’s super versatile. Privacy window films come in tons of different styles, making it easy to create exactly the look you want. Want an ultra sophisticated reflective film for your exterior? No problem. Looking for an elegant frosted or patterned film for your bathroom? There’s a privacy film for that! Some of the many different options include:

  • Stained glass
  • Geometric patterns
  • Frosted, gradient, and sandblasted
  • Polka dots and stripes
  • Nature inspired patterns
  • Single color films
  • Blackout/opaque film


Unique & Inspiring Privacy Window Film Ideas

There are countless ways to use privacy window film in your Austin home. If you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some of our favorite ideas:


privacy window film austin

A Glamorous Entry

Make a statement by adding a decorative privacy film to your front door or sidelights! We love the look of this textured film for front doors and entryways!


privacy window film austin

Beautiful Bathroom Privacy

Frosted films are subtle, yet beautiful. And because they’re simple, they won’t overwhelm your bathroom or make it look too busy.


privacy window film austin

Sophisticated Kitchen

Do you have a kitchen window that looks out onto the street or a neighbor’s home? Add a textured or sandblasted film. You’ll get the privacy you need and also give your kitchen a sophisticated, stylish look.


Explore Privacy Film Options for your Austin Home

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