Decorative Window Film & Privacy Window Film

Add Privacy and Style to your home or place of residence

If you’re a fan of frosted or decorative glass, but don’t want to spend the money associated with this expensive glasswork, decorative window film could be a more economical solution. Privacy window film can give your home or residence a custom look that mimics your favorite style. Decorative film offers an array of benefits that any homeowner can take advantage of.

The Benefits of Decorative Window Film for Your Home

Privacy window film offers residences and homes the ability to add some privacy and design to their windows, without having to make structural changes or replace glass. Scottish Window Tinting can help you create a custom design, or find you an existing design that might work for your needs. Decorative film can be applied to any existing glass feature including showers, bathrooms, interior doors, offices, and more. These decorative film products are ideal for homeowners looking to elevate their design and interior decor but for a fraction of the price. Rather than replacing your existing glass, these films can be added for beauty and privacy. They’re highly versatile and can be kept for long-term installations or easily removed and changed by a window film contractor for updated decor. Choose from endless predesigned options or custom design your own.

Privacy where you need it most

Decorative window films help Denver Metro Area and Colorado residents create a degree of privacy while not completely blocking any natural light which may be entering their windows. It can be installed on interior glass dividers, or on outer windows and doors. This film provides privacy for residences in the most public of locations. Perfect for showers, home offices, and more, decorative film can offer both beauty and function so that you feel more comfortable with the proper privacy that you need.

Add Design and Decoration

Designs can vary from geometric shapes to abstract swirls, from colored to colorless designs. Also widely popular are “natural” designs, including flowers, trees and bamboo. Transparent, translucent, frosted, semi opaque, and even opalescent decorative window films are available. There are even stained glass window films, offering elevated decor and design for all of your needs. These decorative films can be used for both short-term and long-term projects, helping you achieve the desired look for your home.

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