Thinsulate window film is a strong ally in your fight against high energy bills and drafty windows in your Salt Lake City home.

How To Keep Your Salt Lake City Home Warm This Winter with Thinsulate Window Film

How To Keep Your Salt Lake City Home Warm This Winter with Thinsulate Window Film

The Limits of Traditional Home Insulation

Winter is already upon us and it seems like it’s going to be a cold season in Salt Lake City. Insulation keeps your Salt Lake City home from spending unnecessary additional costs on heating. You may already use fiberglass batting or spray foam boards with insulation in your attic or walls but what about your windows?

Especially if you have many large windows so you can see the gorgeous downtown views in Capitol Hill or the mountain views from Federal Heights, you may be losing a lot of heat through glass surfaces. Windows may be up to 30 times less insulated than the walls and windows of your home. Scottish Window Tinting can help you save on heating and cooling costs by helping you install Thinsulate Window Film products.

What is Thinsulate Window Film?

You may have seen Thinsulate labels on your winter boots or ski jacket, and trust the brand name to keep you warm while you work or play outdoors. Thinsulate has been around for nearly 50 years in many outdoor products, and now the insulating benefits are combined with 3M Sun Control Films to provide warmth for your home too. The specially patented construction of Thinsulate window film reflects interior heat back in and prevents the loss of heat through glass surfaces like windows.

Additional Benefits of Thinsulate Window Film

You can save big on heating bills in the winter for your Salt Lake City home with Thinsulate Window Film with far less an investment of time and money in comparison to installing an extra window pane or two. Thinsulate Window Film also reduces energy bills in the summer by reflecting sunlight that would otherwise cause hotspots and glare, which can be a huge annoyance.

You can continue to enjoy the scenic views from your windows with window films, as they are created to maintain a neutral appearance and continue to allow great light transmission. Last but not least, Thinsulate Window Film also does this all while blocking harmful UV rays from damaging your skin without the use of SPF products as well as your furniture from fading from sun damage

There are many reasons you might consider adding Thinsulate Window Film to your home, Scottish Window Tinting is happy to serve Salt Lake City and surrounding areas in Utah. Contact us today for a free consultation on any window tinting products.


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