Restaurant window film can reduce glare.

What might the advantages of restaurant window film be for your eatery? There are more than one, but let’s talk about glare first. If your restaurant has a wall of windows, then you already know how difficult the glare can make it for customers to read the menu or see their phones or tablets (which seems to be a necessity these days) at certain times of the day. Or even see the person across the table from them without squinting from the glare. And the glare issue is quite extreme here in Colorado, when the sunshine is so strong because of our elevation and so prevalent because of our fabulous sunny climate, year round.

Perhaps you’ve had many requests from customers to be moved to another table, because “the sun is in their eyes.” Perhaps you’ve installed curtains or shades. And perhaps you really don’t like how dark he shades make your establishment. After all, there are plenty of customers who like to sit by the window just to enjoy the sun and to people watch the passersby or enjoy the view, if you have one.
There is another solution to the problem of the sun’s glare: glare reduction restaurant window film.

This is an affordable, passive, maintenance free, one time solution to the ongoing problem of glare. If your customers can sit at their window tables and enjoy the food, the atmosphere, and the sunshine without glare, you might even find you can hardly get rid of them and they will definitely be back.

So why subject your staff and your customers to the headache inducing, squint line creating effects of major glare? The more windows you have, the more benefit you and your customers will receive from anti-glare restaurant window film. By the way, many of our energy efficiency window films also block glare. If your restaurant does have huge plate glass windows, you already know how much heat is lost through those windows in winter and how hard your air conditioning unit has to work to keep the space cool in the summer. Energy efficiency window films not only save you money on your heating and cooling bills, they cut glare as well, solving two issues with one high-performing product.

We mentioned there were other advantages to restaurant window film as well. Briefly, those can include more privacy with privacy window film, adding some style, color, or pattern with decorative window film, and freedom from graffiti on your plate glass windows with anti-graffiti window film.

Which restaurant window film makes the most sense for your eatery? Why not give us a call with any questions or concerns today?