Residential Window Tinting Denver

Window tinting may bring up images of cars with darkened windows for you, but today tinting has broadened to homes and commercial buildings alike.  When it comes to energy savings, you can get the most value from window tinting, and we want to tell you more about the process and benefits of this product.

Residential Window Tinting

If your windows are old and out of date, but the frames are still intact, window film can offer you the solution that you need without making the huge investment to fully replace your windows.  Window tinting comes in at about one tenth of the cost of full replacement, and in many cases can offer even better energy savings.  Let’s talk about some of the benefits of getting window tint on your home:

  • Anti-glare: Many of the window tinting products we use offer some level of lessened glare within your home. This means you’ll get less sun glare reflecting on your electronics like your TV, cell phone, and computers.  You’ll be able to enjoy natural light throughout your home and still be able to do the things you love clearly.
  • UV ray protection: Untreated glass only blocks around 11 percent of harmful UV rays from passing through into your home.  UV rays will damage your walls, floors, and furniture over time, giving everything a very faded look.  By adding residential window tinting, you’ll be blocking 99 percent of UV rays from passing through, protecting your belongings, and lowering the maintenance on your home as a whole.
  • Lowered maintenance: This process will lower the amount of energy it takes to keep your home at a comfortable temperature year-round.  Your heating and cooling units won’t have to work as hard throughout the year, and so you’ll see less maintenance or even replacement for these units over time.
  • Energy savings: This is the biggest reason that homeowners choose to install residential window tinting.  You’ll be able to see the energy savings on your bills immediately, and you can save up to 60 percent! Because of these savings, this product will actually pay for itself in as little 2 to 5 years, and continue to save you money for many years after.

Residential Window Tinting with Scottish

At Scottish Window Tinting, we offer the best quality window films to meet your needs as a Colorado homeowner.  Our film actually forms a bond with your glass to ensure that you get the most energy savings possible, and to prevent any bubbling or peeling over time.

If you would like to learn more about getting residential window tinting for your home, give us a call or send an email today.  We’ll set you up with one of our experts to give you an estimate to get this great energy saving product on your home today!