The best and most stylish way to get the most privacy in your open or glassed office space is by having decorative window film installed.

How To Transform You Austin Office Space with Window Film

How To Transform You Austin Office Space with Window Film

Decorative Window Film For Beauty And Privacy

Office spaces right now are being built with more glass than ever because, in urban Austin, an open office is a modern office. There are a lot of benefits to having an open office full of glass features.  Creativity, for instance, has been shown to increase in environments like these. However, the lack of privacy is often stifling. A solution to the privacy issue, that still allows a modern, open office environment is–decorative window film. This is because window film is incredibly customizable, meaning the glass stays but light to heavy coverage is gained from the films you choose, on the areas you choose.  Read below about which decorative films allow you to choose just the right level of privacy for your unique office needs.

Color Tinted Decorative Window Film For Austin Offices

Colored window tint is beautiful and lets you achieve a very specific effect for glass doors and windows in offices.  Choose your level translucency or opacity by opting for colored decorative films– subtle or very dramatic. It all depends on where the films are placed and the opacity level.

Etched Glass Decorative Window Film For Austin Offices

Etched windows are expensive for a reason–they look elegant and gorgeous. They are also very effective for privacy.  But you don’t need to invest in actual glass to get the same look and function. With etched glass decorative window film, you will get the classic etched glass look and the privacy you need at a fraction of the price.  Plus they are always customized for a unique design, logo, branding or privacy level.

Gradient Decorative Window Film For Austin Offices

Gradient decorative window films are new and hot right now.  They are also, by far, the best way to get exactly the privacy level you want/to need.  First off, you can use a gradient for any part of the window, wall or door you want to be more private– the bottom,  the top or right through the center. Secondly, the density of the pattern influences the opacity, which gives you more or less privacy.  For more private areas use a very tight pattern, for less, use a very loose pattern on only part of the glass. There really is no limit on what you can achieve in office style and privacy with gradient designs!

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