Window Films for Sun Control, Security, Surface Protection & More

xpel window film tint

Scottish Window Tinting is proud to partner with XPEL to bring you a suite of dynamic solutions for your home, office, or business. From powerful VISION films for improving security and energy efficiency to innovative decorative, RX Antimicrobial films, Ultimate surface protection films, we offer a full selection of XPEL window films to meet your needs.

XPEL VISION™ Clear View Plus

Solar Film

Achieve optimal temperature control while protecting your interior from UV rays and heat. XPEL VISION window films provide excellent sun control while also maintaining the color and clarity of your windows.

XPEL VISION™ Safety & Security film

Surface Film

Achieve a modern, glossy look with their High Gloss collection. Perfect for updating commercial properties with an attractive, eye-catching texture. These surface films are easy to remove and replace for properties that enjoy consistently updating their aesthetics.

Decorative Film

Customize the appearance of your windows, walls, and interior. VISION™ White Frost, Blackout, and Whiteout Window Films allow you to take your decorative game to the next level.

Antimicrobial Film

Maintain a healthy, sanitary environment. RX™ Antimicrobial Film reduces the growth and spread of microbes and is ideal for touch technology and high use surfaces.

Surface Protection Film

Protect counters, tabletops, and other vulnerable surfaces with ULTIMATE PLUS™ & STEALTH™ protective films. ULTIMATE PLUS™ & STEALTH™ PPF are the perfect way to preserve finishes and prevent scratching, marks, and damage.

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