Benefits of XPEL Antimicrobial Film for Your San Antonio Business

Benefits of XPEL Antimicrobial Film for Your San Antonio Business

Germs are everywhere, but on high touch surfaces like handrails, touch screens, doorknobs, and counters, they’re found in higher numbers. Science has proven that employees and customers who interact with these surfaces can fall ill due to contamination. Installing XPEL Antimicrobial Film for your San Antonio business can help you create a more sanitary environment and protect the health of your staff and customers.


What Is Antimicrobial Window Film?

Antimicrobial window film is a type of surface protection film designed to facilitate sanitation by inhibiting the growth of microbes. At Scottish Window Tinting, the specific brand of anti-microbial film that we carry is made by XPEL and is called RX™ Antimicrobial Film.

These films allow property owners to address microbe growth on high touch surfaces. They can be applied to countertops, tablets, digital screens, handrails, desks, tables, and anywhere else where germs are a concern. The films are treated with a fungistatic agent and contain zinc pyrithione, which works to prevent microbe growth and keeps germs from spreading. It can be applied to both flat and curved surfaces and comes in two different options with varying degrees of thickness.


Benefits of Antimicrobial Film for Your Business

XPEL Antimicrobial Films are a great option for San Antonio businesses of all types. This includes offices, restaurants, hotels, retail locations, and more. Here are some of the ways that these powerful surface films can benefit your business:


Improve Sanitation

Numerous studies have found that microbial contamination is extremely common for touchscreens and have determined that they are potential vectors of infection. You can use antimicrobial film to increase the cleanliness of high touch surfaces like touch screens, counters, and table tops in your building and prevent the spread of disease.


Keeps Staff & Customers Healthy

Staff that come into contact with microbes are at an increased risk of falling ill and may call in sick or lack energy needed to stay productive. By reducing the spread of germs in your building, you can protect the health of your staff and customers.


Protects Your Reputation

The last thing you want is for your business to become a known site of infection. By installing anti-microbial film, you can take steps to create a safe, sanitary environment and protect your reputation.


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