Your Louisville window film experts.

When it comes to window film, Louisville home and business owners are starting to hear more and more about the benefits. We get questions all the time as to which window film to choose and what the installation process is like.

So we’d like to take some time to clear that up. Although many people are only hearing about the different types of window films now, we have been in business for a while, and all of our installers are highly experienced.

With window films, there are two things to be considered: what your specific purpose is, which will determine which window film we would recommend. And the importance of expert installation to make that film look great on your windows.

With window film, Louisville residents are frequently looking for the kind of energy savings this product is known for. Energy efficiency window film is only one type available, however.

Here are some other types of window film Louisville customers are talking to us about:

1. Security window film: this product is a great adjunct to any security system you already have installed in your home or office. It will prevent your window from shattering out of its frame if smashed and prevent any burglar or vandal from entering through the windows. Perfect for street level storefronts and offices, or buildings in high traffic or high crime neighborhoods.

2. Decorative window film: this product can provide more privacy, more color, texture and style, and even be custom designed with the name and logo of a business or any advertising message.

3. UV protection window film: this blocks 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays that cause glare, damage or fade art and other furnishings. It’s usually included in an energy efficiency window film, which is our top seller.

Since energy efficiency window film is our top seller, let’s discuss that for a bit. With this type of window film, Louisville homeowners have the opportunity to make an affordable investment that will pay for itself in a few short years and then keep saving you money on heating and cooling costs for many years to come.

Some of our window film Louisville clients report needing much less air conditioning in the summer, because of the way this film blocks heat gain. And they report substantial savings on their energy bills in the winter, because the heat they are producing is not lost through the glass once it has had window film installed.

If you are in the market for window film, Louisville or any of the surrounding towns, we have the experience to answer all your questions, tell you about the products that can meet your needs, and offer a competitive quote. So why not give us a call today?