Why UV Blocking Window Film is Important for Your Family’s Health in the Salt Lake City Region

Why UV Blocking Window Film is Important for Your Family’s Health in the Salt Lake City Region

Salt Lake City experiences an abundance of beautiful sunshine almost year round, making it vital to consider UV protection for your loved ones. UV blocking film presents an affordable opportunity to defend your Salt Lake City home with SPF 1000. UV radiation can be so harmful to both valuables, property, and family members– protect your loved ones and considerably save on furniture and flooring replacement as well as potential bills tied to health concerns.

Benefits of UV Blocking Window Film for Your Salt Lake City Home

UV blocking window film can block up to 99.9% of UV rays. This comprehensive protection is vital for fade prevention in addition to protecting your family members. The Skin Cancer Foundation actually recommends the installation of UV blocking window film for all residences and businesses throughout the Salt Lake City area. UV radiation is the primary culprit of permanent damage reflected by fading floors, discolored furniture, distorted art and valuables, in addition to significant skin and eye disease. UV blocking window film also provides high solar rejection properties helping homeowners save drastically on high energy costs year round. You’ll experience savings from energy bills as well as expensive repair and replacement costs from UV damage.

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UV Blocking Window Film Installation Process for Salt Lake City Homes

Scottish Window Tinting has partnered with all the state-of-the-art UV blocking window film manufacturers across the globe. We provide the largest inventory of various brands with different, competitive properties in order to ensure you find the right investment for your Salt Lake City home. Installation is made quick and easy, beginning with a free in-home consultation to define your window film project needs and goals. We utilize premium glass primers to prolong product life while ensuring excellent installation standards.

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