Security Window Film Options for Protecting Your Dallas Business in 2022

Security Window Film Options for Protecting Your Dallas Business in 2022

Safety is a critical part of managing a business or commercial property. Not only do you have to protect your building from break-ins, but there are also other risks that have to be taken into consideration like slip-and-fall accidents, natural disasters, and acts of violence caused by terrorists or armed individuals.

Installing security window film for your Dallas commercial property is a great way to minimize these risks and protect your staff and business from danger. Below, we’ve discussed some of the leading security window film options for commercial buildings in 2022.


Why Your Security Plans Should Include Window Film

Your best line of defense against danger is securing your perimeter. Unfortunately, while they look beautiful and are undoubtedly necessary, windows are the weakest point of a building’s exterior. It doesn’t take much to break a window – a baseball or even a small rock can do the trick. That’s why when thinking about your security plans, it’s important to take window protection into consideration.

Security window films are one of the simplest and most effective ways to protect the windows of a commercial building. They can be installed over existing windows without any construction at all. Once they’re in place, your windows will look the same but they’ll be twice as strong. And if somehow a window breaks, the film will keep the broken glass safely contained so no one gets hurt.


Top Security Window Film Options in 2022

Now that you understand the benefits of security window film, let’s talk options. Here are our top recommendations for security window film for Dallas commercial buildings in 2022:

  1. 3M Safety & Security Window Film: 3M makes a great line of security window films that can be used for break-in defense, glass strengthening, and impact protection.
  2. LLumar Security Window Film: LLumar is a reliable, well known brand that offers an excellent security window film product.
  3. C-Bond Security Window Systems: For advanced security needs, we recommend C-Bond ballistic resistant security window systems. These security systems can resist extreme forces like explosions, hurricane-strength winds, and gunfire.


Get the Protection Your Commercial Building Needs

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