Security Window Film During the Time of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Security Window Film During the Time of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Are you panicking about your store being empty during the coronavirus quarantine? You’re not alone. Thousands of business owners have been put in your situation in the past few weeks.

Shelter-in-place orders require the closure of all non-essential businesses. As a result, retail stores are unoccupied and unguarded.

Many businesses are concerned how people will act if the quarantine continues. Will they start getting restless and resort to criminal acts like theft? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, you can take steps to guard your storefront. By installing security window film, you can protect your retail store from theft, vandalism, and other criminal acts while your state is under quarantine.

Will Crime Increase During the Quarantine?

Experts say it’s still early to tell if quarantines will cause an increase in crime. Right now, we’re actually seeing a drop in crime rates across the nation. But we’re still in early stages of the pandemic. As the lock down continues and days turn into weeks which turn into months, people may become restless.

Studies show that criminals are far more likely to break-in to a building when they feel like there’s a better chance of getting away with it. That’s why most home robberies occur during the middle of the day when people are at work.

How Security Window Film Protects Retail Stores

If you’re worried about your store being broken into while you’re not there, you may want to consider security window film. Security window systems are a great option for small businesses because they’re affordable, effective, and require no human intervention.

Metal screens have to be opened and closed. And camera footage needs to be checked regularly. Plus, alarms and cameras are only deterrents, which means they’re designed to scare people away, not stop them.

Security window film, on the other hand, has none of these issues. It doesn’t require physical intervention. And the tear-resistant film actually stops people from getting inside.

Truly, it’s one of the best ways to secure your storefront during the quarantine.

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