For schools in San Antonio, safety and security window film just makes sense to keep students protected from a number of threats.

Campus Safety: Things to Know About Bullet Resistant Window Film For Schools

Campus Safety: Things to Know About Bullet Resistant Window Film For Schools

With schools in the San Antonio area back in session, something on everyone’s mind is keeping kids safer in school.  Sadly, one thing every school needs to consider is school shootings.  While you can’t control if your school gets attacked, you can shore up its exterior to keep out a potential shooter.  Glass doors and windows provide very little protection because a single gunshot easily penetrates glass.   This is why bullet-resistant glass is something for San Antonio schools to consider.

How Bullet Resistant Window FIlms Keeps Students Safer

High-end security films are extremely powerful.  When used with other technologies like C-Bond adhesive and specialty security frames, they are even strong enough to stop many calibers of bullets.  Security window film does this by keeping broken glass in place after a bullet strike. Not only does this stop a potential school shooter from quickly entering the school, but it also prevents glass fragments from exploding out to maim or kill students.  It also gives students and staff more time to get away and/or hide and more time for police to get there.

Additional Benefits of Bullet Proof Window Film on Schools

Besides keeping San Antonio schools safe from a school shooter-style attack, bullet-resistant window film has other benefits.  Although it is powerful enough to stop a bullet, it also reduces injuries should a child slip and fall into a large glass window or door. Like almost all window films, safety and security window film blocks UV rays and glare, which keeps kids safe from skin and eye diseases related to UV light.  Finally, these films keep your school protected after hours from break-ins, reducing the chances of your school being robbed or vandalized. 

Bullet Resistant Window Film Affordable for Schools

Bullet-resistant safety and security film applied with C-Bond can be used to protect schools from ballistics attacks. Happily,this type of technology has a lower barrier to entry than other types, including laminated glass or bulletproof windows.  Most schools can afford to have it applied since it is one of the most affordable types of bullet protection on the market.  I

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