Safety and security window film is an excellent way to make your Austin school safer for this coming school year and beyond.

Get Austin School Ready for the Fall By Focusing on Safety and Security Window Film

Get Austin School Ready for the Fall By Focusing on Safety and Security Window Film

Get Austin School Ready for the Fall By Focusing on Safety and Security Window Film

We are right smack dab in the middle of the heat of the summer here in Austin.  So, you are probably not thinking much about Fall. But the season changes fast and before you know it, the lovely autumn air will be blowing in.  Which means it is not too early to start thinking about school starting up again and preparing. One preparation for Austin schools that is perfect to do when school is on break is safety and security window film.  Since this type of window film is more involved than others and takes a bit longer to install–the kids being gone from the building works well for schools and contractors. Furthermore, safety and security window film, which is a ballistics resistant, is a critical component in an era when school shootings are more frequent than ever.  Read below to find out a little bit more about how it will keep the kids in our Austin schools safer in the event of an attack.

3 Major Benefits Of Safety And Security Window Film

  1. Safety And Security Films Retain Glass Fragments: Specifically designed to mitigate damage from flying glass, safety and security films keeps the dangerous shards of broken glass in place after a bullet strike.  During an event like a school shooting, this keeps bystanders safe from flying glass so they can better escape unharmed.
  2.  Safety And Security Films Protect The Points Of Entry: The fact of the matter is–glass windows and doors are the weakest points of security on buildings like schools. Safety and Security Window Film shores up these vulnerable spots by holding broken glass in place and hindering an intruder for breaking through the glass for some time–even with a gun.
  3. Safety And Security Films Gives Students And Staff More Time: While ballistics resistant window film will eventually give way, given enough time and effort on the part of the intruder, it will drastically slow them down.  The hope is it will deter them completely. However, the time it takes for the intruder to penetrate the glass treated with film gives students and staff a chance to hide or run away.  It also means that help may get there before the intruder gets in to take lives.

 Scottish Window Tinting For School Safety Films In Austin

 With so much on the line in our schools, it is good to know there are ways to keep students safer.  By installing ballistics resistant security film this summer, you will have the peace of mind this fall that your student or the students you are responsible for are much safer for it. For more information on our powerful safety and security films reach out to us today for a free security audit and pricing. 


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