Protect Against Vandalism and Robbery in Fort Collins with Security Window Film Options for Small Businesses

Protect Against Vandalism and Robbery in Fort Collins with Security Window Film Options for Small Businesses

As one of the two cities that inspired Disney’s Main Street attraction, it’s no secret that Fort Collins is a beautiful place, home to charming small businesses which are, unfortunately, at risk for robbery and vandalism. However, Fort Collins businesses can utilize security window film for its added protection benefits against theft and defacement.

How Security Film Works

When the right product is properly and professionally installed on a Fort Collins building, security window film can protect against break-ins and vandalism, above and beyond its accident and natural disaster defense.

This type of window film is stronger than other types, such as energy saving window film. It’s comprised of a polyester material with greater adhesive qualities than the average film, clinging to windows and holding glass together in the event that the surface is shattered. Though a would-be thief or vandal may damage the glass itself, the shattered pieces will remain in place due to the polyester webbing and the criminal’s entry will be impeded.

There are many different types of security window film Fort Collins businesses can choose from. However, here are some of the most popular choices for Fort Collins:

Anti graffiti film – Deters vandals by creating a shield that guards mirror, metal, and glass surfaces

Break in prevention film – Keeps intruders out of a building after hours by creating a tear resistant barrier that blocks entries and windows

Bomb blast protection film – For high security environments, bomb blast protection window films are a great choice that can protect buildings from intense levels of impact

Keep Your Small Business Pristine and Protected

Small businesses like yours are one of the many things that attracts people to Fort Collins. Security window film ensures that your small business maintains its professional aesthetic and that your commercial assets are protected, so that your company can continue to serve your local customers with peace of mind.

Make the smart choice and invest in security window film for your Fort Collins business today!

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