Keeping Students and Faculty Safe Inside San Antonio Schools with Safety Window Film

Keeping Students and Faculty Safe Inside San Antonio Schools with Safety Window Film

With all the recent school shootings and domestic attacks, finding ways to keep your students and faculty safe in your San Antonio school is crucial. The unfortunate reality of school security is the lack of funding. This monetary issue makes it significantly more difficult in obtaining security systems and security teams that would be highly beneficial. With the budget in mind, finding a cost-effective security solution is the main priority. Safety window film delivers the affordable solution that provides the first line of defense in school security.

Benefits of Safety Window Film for Your San Antonio School

Safety window film provides a great defense against numerous threats that any San Antonio school can face at any time. By bonding glass fragments together after impact, students and faculty will remain safe from broken glass hazards. Broken glass is actually the leading cause of significant injury and blast-related death, making it pertinent to remove this hazard. Safety film also comes in specialty options– ballistic resistance and bomb blast. These options provide further durability in higher impact events like explosions and gunfire. Ballistic resistant and bomb blast security film can be strategically installed as well so that you get the most out of your money. Safety window film is also available with energy efficiency and UV protection properties so that schools can save on energy costs while defending their property from imminent threats.

Scottish Window Tinting San Antonio: 3M™ Safety & Security Film S140 Demonstration from Scottish Window Tinting on Vimeo.

Installation Process for Safety Window Film in San Antonio Schools

Scottish Window Tinting is the industry leader in school security film installations. We’ve worked on countless school security projects throughout the United States, helping improve school security in the most cost-effective way. Our installation processes are always stress-free and timely. By providing discreet installations, only administrators will know about these safety features.

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