Premium safety and security window film used with CBond 2 adhesive is a powerful way to help protect students and teachers from ballistics attacks.

The Best School Bomb Blast And Ballistics Resistant Window Film Products

The Best School Bomb Blast And Ballistics Resistant Window Film Products

Keeping Colorado Springs pupils safe is a part of the job description for school officials in this city. As a result, children must be kept safe from random violence, such as shootings and explosions. High-tech security window films, which protect against bombs and bullets, are an excellent method to accomplish this. However, there are numerous films and related items on the market. Which one is right for your Colorado Springs school depends on the risk you face.

Bomb And Ballistic Resistant Window Films For School Campuses

Blast film is more durable and sophisticated than other window films. When choosing the best film for your schools, it’s essential to consider the risks you may face and the level of protection required. Any security window film should be applied with C-bond adhesive for optimum protection.

3M Safety & Security Window Films

Any Colorado Springs learning institution with a high to moderate risk of attack should use 3M Protective Films. These films are ideal for preventing injury due to things like flying debris and glass. When combined with specific attachment systems and applied with C-bond adhesive, designed on a molecular level to make glass more robust and more flexible, these films will withstand considerable impact, including bombs and bullets.

Hanita SafetyZone Window Films

 These films have been thoroughly tested by the Israeli military and are proven to be high-impact. They’re ideal for severe stress situations since they were subjected to extensive field research and demonstrated success. They, too, need a frame, which can be strengthened with C-bond 2 adhesive, and they may also be made even more powerful. Because these films are high-powered and military tested, they are best utilized in schools that have previously experienced gun violence or where an attack is or may be imminent.

LLumar Safety and Security Film

Llumar safety and security films are an affordable alternative to replacing glass windows and doors with traditional “bulletproof” or “bomb-proof” glass. It’s a cost-effective security solution for Colorado Springs educational institutions too! It comes in various thicknesses to fit almost every level of risk for a ballistics or bomb attack while also being ideal for routine use against accidents.

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