Privacy window film can keep out those prying eyes out of your downtown loft.

Enjoy Your Privacy With Window Tinting

If you live downtown Denver, you know how close to the street residences can be. Many of the renovated commercial buildings that have been turned into condos or lofts have huge windows, which is definitely one of their attractions. But they also have a down side, in terms of loss of privacy.

With many of the modern lofts and apartments right on the ground floor, it might be difficult to have the privacy you want and expect. And yet, you don’t want to close yourself in with curtains or shades or blinds. The simple solution? Privacy window film. It can give you the privacy you want, without compromising your view. You can see out, but “they” won’t see in.

Sounds like the perfect solution, doesn’t it?

Here’s what our privacy window film might look like on the outside: It could appear mirrored, which would give your rooms a sleek modern look. But from the inside, when you are looking out, you will merely see a slightly darkened, filtered version of the same view. It might appear white or frosted, which could block some of the view while still letting in the light.

Our privacy window films are not flimsy. They are bonded to the glass and very durable and long lasting. They don’t bubble or peel and are highly scratch resistant as well. The installation process is fairly quick, doesn’t leave your home in a mess, and will leave you enjoying your privacy before you know it.

As cities get more densely crowded, and life gets more hectic, and hackers and surveillance abound everywhere, our privacy becomes ever more important to us. And nowhere is it more important than in our own homes. A man’s home is his castle, or at least it should be. No one wants a bunch of strangers seeing into their castle.

Why should you have to make a tradeoff for the sake of large beautiful windows or a convenient ground floor flat? You don’t.

At Scottish Window Tinting, we have window films to fit a wide variety of needs. If you have been wishing for more privacy for your ground floor loft or condo, or for your store front or business, why not talk to us about the different window films we carry. Once we know what you need, we can suggest the perfect product.

Please contact us today for a free in-home consultation about our privacy window films.