Window films and blinds have some of the same benefits but window film is a more potent solution to most window issues.

What Can I Put on My Windows Instead of Blinds?

What Can I Put on My Windows Instead of Blinds?

People often think about blinds as the only option for covering windows.  They function as a privacy solution, a decorative solution, and as a way to block the sun. However, blinds are really expensive, prone to breakage, and go out of style. If you are considering having custom blinds installed in your Salt Lake City home or business, a better option may be window film.  Read below to find out why.

Window Fim Compared to Window Blinds

For many window issues, blinds and window film are a solution.  However, when compared side by side window film is a clear winner.

Window Film Vs. Blinds for  Glare

Blinds: Window blinds block some glare but not all glare.  The slates of the blinds and edges still allow in bright light.  If you have a computer by a window with blinds you will still get stripes of light across your screen to obscure your view. 

Window Film: Window film offers seamless glare-reduction.  The type of protection window tints offer is complete, the UV rays are 99.9% blocked to stop almost all glare. 

Window Film Vs. Blinds for Care

Blinds:  Window blinds get very dusty in Salt Lake City .  You will have to constantly clean them with a dust cleaner or they will collect dirt and cobwebs.  Cleaning blinds is very time-consuming and dirty.

Window Film:  Window film doesn’t allow dust to build up because of the materials it is made from.  When a little dust does appear you simply wipe it away using nothing but a soft cloth and water.

Window Film Vs. Blinds for Privacy

Blinds:  Window blinds do offer a privacy solution for homeowners but one that comes with a price–blocked views.   People cannot see into your Salt Lake City home but you also cannot see out of it.  Plus, they are a high-profile and bulky privacy solution that often goes out of style. 

Window Film: Window film is a low-profile privacy solution.  Most films are invisible from the outside looking in so it will never go out of style. Plus, window film can actually improve views from the inside looking out, so you can the beautiful views of  Salt Lake City that you love. 

Window Film Vs. Blinds Costs

Blinds:  You can buy cheap blinds for less than window fim costs.  However, they probably won’t look very good and they won’t last.  Also, blinds only come in standard sizes.  Since you probably have many windows in your Salt Lake City home or business that are not standard size, you will likely have to buy custom blinds which is very expensive.

Window Film: Window films and tints are always custom-cut to your home or business windows’ exact size.  For this reason, window film, in most cases, is the same cost per square foot no matter which window it is applied to.  Window film is competitively priced with custom blinds but since it has an ROI in three years, in the long run, makes it an better value than blinds. 

For more information on window film to replace old blinds or instead of blinds, contact us today for a free window film consultation.