Decorative window film helps Denver businesses get their message out. If you own a business and have an interest in decorative window film, we can help make that interest a reality.

HDClear Decorative Window Film Gives Denver Businesses New Choices

HDClear Decorative Window Film Gives Denver Businesses New Choices

With decorative window film, Denver businesses have more choices than ever. The market for this useful product is steadily increasing and manufacturers are responding with new offerings that take decorative films to new levels of interest and design.

One of the most intriguing and innovative products available on the market today is HDClear, a product line from the AmGraph Group, world leader in custom printed decorative films. The HDClear product line includes clear transparent films, translucent films, single or double facing opaque films, and frosted films, all of which can be customized with striking decorative designs, custom fades, gradients of color, and more.

Any image or design can be printed on these films, using a special technology that allows the images to be seen equally from either side of the glass. The unprinted areas of the film maintain 100 percent optical clarity and the films come with a ninety-eight percent UV block as well as sixteen percent heat block. Customers can supply their own artwork in a digital file, to be transferred to the decorative film. Any artwork is applicable. Vibrant colors or subtle tones are possible, while maintaining transparency if desired.

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With the HDClear decorative window film, Denver architects, builders, contractors, interior designers, and business owners can have a wide range of effects in ten colors plus white ink, delivering any type of image, design, or text for advertising purposes. Fantastic in an exterior window, these decorative films are also perfect to create an ambiance in a space using the interior glass as well.




Another unique feature Corporate window film denverof the HDClear decorative window film is its ability to be opaque from one or both sides of the glass. For clients looking for decorative film plus some security features, burglary resistant 4Mil Clear Safety – 7-Mil is available as well.

These outstanding, cutting edge products have redefined decorative window films in Denver and across the nation. The window films come with an outstanding ten-year warranty and a scratch resistant coating that makes them highly durable, resistant to scratching. They are easy and safe to clean with common glass cleaners.

We invite you to check out the range of looks this decorative film can provide and let your imagination soar to new heights. Click here to see the HDClear portfolio. Whether building from scratch or looking to redo the look of a space, with HDClear decorative window film, Denver businesses get the effects they are looking for.

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For more information about the HDClear line of decorative window film, Denver or across the state, please contact us today. We can answer any questions and tell you how to get started with this outstanding new innovation in decorative window film products.

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