How can Window Film Help your Zero-Energy Venture

Commercial buildings can use energy in a lot of different ways, and it can really add up both in terms of cost, and simply in terms of energy wasted.  While the world is constantly working to upgrade energy efficiency in buildings of all kinds, many commercial spaces are actually striving to become zero-energy facilities.

At Scottish Window Tinting, we provide high quality window film that increases the efficiency of any building.  If you’re looking to reach a zero-energy level, or even a near-zero-energy level, investing in window tinting is a great addition to your plan.

Zero-Energy and Window Film

Zero-energy means having a building that produces as much, or more, energy that it consumes.  It essentially means that a building is self-sufficient and that it uses as little energy as possible as a whole.  Many buildings use solar panels and efficient upgrades to achieve this, and window film falls into the category of excellent upgrades to help make this goal a reality.

We offer high quality window films to save the most energy possible. One of our best options for energy saving tinting is Enerlogic film, which actually saves energy year-round, instead of just in the summer months.  It works to reflect heat out during warm weather, and reflect heat back in through colder temperatures.

Adding window film to an entire building can actually save up to 60 percent on energy usage.  This means a drastically lower energy bill each month because it will actually take considerably less drive to heat and cool your building year round.  Since heating and cooling is a major source of energy usage in any building, saving in this area can help your cause significantly.

Investing in window film is far more affordable, and in many cases, more effective than replacement windows.  Your window film will pay for itself in as a little as 2 to 5 years, and continue to save energy for many years thereafter.  Replacement windows, on the other hand, can cost nearly ten times as much and take more than 10 years to pay for themselves, if they ever do.

Zero-Energy Buildings with Scottish Window Tinting

To learn more about an easy, affordable, and effective step you can take towards making your commercial space a zero-energy building, contact us today.  Give us a call or send an email to set up a consultation with one of our experts to get you started on saving some serious energy for many years to come.