Energy efficient window film can save on your heating bills.

Many people have heard about energy efficiency window film saving money on summer air-conditioning costs. Some people don’t know that this same film can save them money on their winter heating costs as well. This type of window film acts like an insulator during the winter months holding in the heat.

Let’s talk about the difference between how energy efficient window film works in the summer and in the winter. In the summer, one of the main problems is heat gain from the sun beating down on the house. The window film can only assist with the sun beating in through your windows, obviously, but it is able to block so much of it that many of our clients report substantially reducing their air conditioning usage, or being able to go without it entirely.

In contrast, in the winter much of the heat generated by your heating system, whether it’s central heating or wood burning stoves manages to drift right out your windows through the glass, because of the way the glass conducts heat. This wastes a lot of your hard-earned cash and causes you to set your thermostat much higher to stay comfortable.

When you install energy efficient window film, it lives up to its name by keeping the heat inside the house and not letting it dissipate through the glass. So both summer and winter, this product will save you on energy costs.

It certainly gets cold enough during the winter to run your heater, doesn’t it? Wouldn’t you love to be able to set your thermostat lower but still stay warmer? If you are looking for ways to lower your carbon footprint and save your own money as well, you will not find a more effective investment, nor a more affordable one.

Energy efficient window films usually pay for themselves in lowered utility bills in only a couple of years. This product forms a molecular bond with your windows, sometimes even improving optical quality at the same time. It will last for years and your savings will keep on coming long after it has paid for itself. It doesn’t peel, bubble, or scratch the way the window tinting products used in a car might.

Sound like a good solution to the problem of too high energy bills in your home? Why not give us a call today at Scottish Window Tinting to find out more. We can recommend the best product for your particular needs and give you a quote for the job. Please contact us today!