How Daylight Redirecting Film for Your Kansas City Office Can Help Your Employees Stay Healthier this Winter

How Daylight Redirecting Film for Your Kansas City Office Can Help Your Employees Stay Healthier this Winter

It’s getting to that time of year again in Kansas City. Soon, winter will arrive! And while the change in seasons can be nice, it can also seriously affect the productivity in your office. For every office, there comes that inevitable point where the flu, common, or some time of illness makes it way around the office, leaving employees with no other choice but to call in sick. Fortunately, at Scottish Window Tinting, we have a solution: Daylight Redirecting Film. Daylight Redirecting Film can help your Kansas City office employees stay healthier this winter and reduce absenteeism rates.

What is daylight redirecting film?

Daylight redirecting film is special kind of window “tint” that’s designed to increase natural brightness. How it works is that it extends the reach of the sun beyond the windows of your building, drawing it deeper into your office space. The film is installed in the upper portion of your windows where it works to redirect and diffuse incoming light. Studies show that daylight redirecting film can extend the reach of sunlight by up to 40 feet!

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Health Benefits of Sunlight

While daylight redirecting film may not directly contribute to improvements in occupant health, it does allow for more sunlight to enter your office. And the amount of sunlight that people receive does directly affect their health.

Sunlight aids in crucial processes like the production of white blood cells and hormones, factors that directly contribute to our mood and the strength of our immune system. People who receive more sunlight are on average happier and get sick less often.

So in reality, daylight redirecting film could be the one thing that keeps your office from getting sick this winter. Studies show that the use of daylight redirecting film can greatly contribute to office productivity and can decrease absenteeism rates.

Install Daylight Redirecting Film for Your Kansas City Office

There’s still plenty of time to get your office ready for winter before the cold weather arrives! Call Scottish Window Tinting today to schedule an appointment to have daylight redirecting film installed for your Kansas City office or commercial property.