Window film is an easy, effective and affordable way for any hotel in the Denver area to add an element of privacy to their establishment.

Simple Ways To Add Privacy With Window Film in Denver Hotels

Simple Ways To Add Privacy With Window Film in Denver Hotels

The hospitality industry here in Denver is fierce and hotels need to be on their game to succeed. There are plenty of people who come to vacation here but also a lot of hotels. Staying competitive really boils down to great guest satisfaction. It starts by pleasing the guest right when they walk through your door and should be consistent until they check out. Everything needs to be perfect. In fact, one bad review could mean the loss of potential clients. One area that could put you over the edge competitively but, is often overlooked, is privacy. As it happens, window film is an easy way to add privacy to your Denver hotel. It is also affordable. Below we have listed a few simple ways to improve your hotel’s privacy using window film. Remember, even small changes could make a huge difference in your bottom line.

1. Privacy Window Film In Hotel Rooms

Guests already get some privacy in their room behind closed doors. However, the windows of the room can be problematic. In some cases, guests are easily viewed from the outside when the curtains are not drawn–especially rooms on ground level or lower floors. Heavily tinted or mirrored window films allow your guests to keep the curtains open, enjoy the view. This increases the guest’s experience and satisfaction by keeping them obscured from outside eyes while enjoying Denver’s lovely views.

2. Privacy Window Film In Lobbies And Shared Spaces

Both a clever and a beautiful way to add some privacy to your Denver hotel is decorative window film on glass surfaces in the lobby and public spaces. This means you create fun and private sectioned-off areas for guests to wait or meet others. Plus, this allows you to really customize your hotel decor, so decorative window film makes your hotel space stylish and unique too.

3. Privacy Window Film in Hotel Bars And Restaurants

Just like any guest at any other restaurant environment, hotel guests want privacy while they eat and drink at your establishment. Privacy window film is very handy for this. You can create an environment that is semi-private but still has enough of a view of the outside world to allow your guests to enjoy the ambiance.

At Scottish Window Tinting, privacy window film is something we excel in. We would love to share some of our custom tailored privacy tint solutions for your Denver hotel with you. For more information, privacy or some design ideas, contact us today!

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