How to Get Started Installing Residential Bird Strike Window Film for Salt Lake City Homes

How to Get Started Installing Residential Bird Strike Window Film for Salt Lake City Homes

Have you noticed birds crashing into your windows? Has this created unsightly events and cleanup for your family? Bird collisions are a common problem among Salt Lake City homes. Bird collisions into man-made structures account for one billion deaths in the United States each year. Prevent bird strikes and save money on glass cleanups and repairs with a bird strike prevention solution. Fritted glass is an expensive option and requires extensive installations. Bird strike prevention film is a great alternative for reducing collisions and keeping your property free from bird strike.

The Benefits of Residential Bird Strike Prevention Film for Your Salt Lake City Home

Bird strike prevention film was initially made for commercial properties. As more and more homes have begun experiencing bird collisions, residential bird strike prevention film was created. This is a great option for homes due to affordability. It costs a fraction of fritted glass and can be installed in only one day or two. Bird strike prevention window film offers subtle decals throughout that notify birds on your property that there is indeed a structure there. These patterns are very modest and aren’t clear to the naked eye. Visually, your property isn’t drastically impacted. Other benefits are available like privacy and UV protection. Skip the cleanup, glass repair, and traumatizing event of a bird collision with this specialty window film option.

Work with Salt Lake City’s Preferred Bird Strike Prevention Experts

Scottish Window Tinting is honored to be the preferred bird strike prevention window film experts. Our residential and commercial clients have all successfully prevented bird collisions with this innovative film. With a comprehensive selection of bird strike prevention films, we can help you achieve a certain look as well.

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