Window film is a smart choice for Littleton residents.

When it comes to saving money on your winter energy costs as well as several other benefits, window film makes perfect sense for Littleton residents. With the appropriate kind of energy efficiency window film, Littleton homeowners can lower their carbon footprint, save money on heating and cooling, and even save the life of their furnishings.

Here’s how it works. When we install an energy saving window film to the inside of your windows, it changes the way hot or cold air is conducted through the windows. In fact, it creates a coating that reflects the heat gain from the sun all summer long. And you know that the sun is one of the main reasons your house gets so uncomfortably hot in the summer. Its heat bakes right through the glass. Have you ever touched a window pane in the summer with the sun glaring through? Ouch!

But with window film, Littleton windows become much more energy efficient. Up to fifty percent of heat gain is blocked. Our clients tell us that as a result, they are able to lower their air conditioning or turn it off all together . . . and that can save them big time.

In the winter, the heat from your furnace will not escape through the coated glass, wasting you money. With the right window film, Littleton homeswill stay warmer and cozier with less output by the furnace . . . and that can also save big time.

Now, we mentioned saving the life of your furnishings, and we bet you are curious as to what we’re referring to. Do you use sunblock when you go outdoors? These days, many people use it to protect themselves from the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. But did you know that those exact same UV rays are what causes your carpets, upholstery, flooring, and artwork to fade over time?

The same energy efficiency window film that is saving you money on heating and cooling costs also blocks 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays. And that is good news for your home’s expensive and beautiful furnishings. By blocking the UV rays with energy saving window film, Littleton homeowners keep their interiors looking great longer and save on having to replace them quite so soon.

Of course, the installation of window film is an investment, but because of the benefits and savings, it will pay for itself in a short period of time. And then, the savings will keep on coming. This is a passive product that requires no maintenance or upgrading over time.

If you want more information or a quote on window film, Littleton or the surrounding towns, why not give Scottish Window Tinting a call today?

Mike Kinsey

For the past fifteen years, Mike Kinsey has been consulting on window tinting projects all across the United States. As the Operations Manager at Scottish Window Tinting, Mike strives to ensure that each and every customer is completely satisfied and personally oversees all projects from start to finish. His extensive background in project management and construction gives him unique perspective and insight which he brings to every job. Mike has sold and installed over 250,000 sq. ft. of window film and is an expert on all brands. He is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.

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