Privacy window film can give your business the privacy you want with advertising power.

Why might a business want privacy window film? Some businesses have windows that are completely open for passersby to peer into. Other businesses want some privacy, but don’t want to be completely closed off. A few businesses deal with sensitive materials and need to be closed off to peering eyes.

Regardless of the type of privacy your business requires, Scottish Window Tinting has you covered with our line of privacy window films. Many people today have not heard of this product, so we’d love to tell you all about it and see if it could be the right fit for your privacy needs.

Window films are a durable product that bonds with the glass in your window. They do not bubble, peel, or dry out and will do the job for your business for many years to come. And they are an affordable investment. This product is different from the type you may have heard of that provides substantial energy savings.

Here’s how privacy window film works:

It can give your windows the look of textured glass, or frosted glass, or even colored and patterned glass. It can even provide the look of mirrored glass, so people will not be able to see in, but you’ll still be able to see out. It is applied to the interior side of the window, and voila! More privacy and more style at the same time. Some clients have commented on what an expensive look privacy window film gives their offices, without any large investment in cost.

It’s simple to apply. One of our trained window film techs will show up at your office and install it, approximately twenty minutes per window, with no dusty filthy mess or chaotic disruption to your business. Once the film is on your windows, your annoying privacy issues will be solved.

And because it is not permanent, you can even change up your privacy window film to a different style, color, or pattern if you decide you need a change in décor or you are remodeling. There’s one other cool benefit of privacy window film, which is that your business’s logo or name or even special offers can be built right into it.

So you’ll have privacy, and everyone else will know who you are and what you do.

When it comes to window films, the choices are many. If you do not have a clear idea (no pun intended) of which one might be right for you, then that’s where our highly experienced staff comes in. Give us a call, tell us what your issues are and what you are looking for, and we can recommend the privacy film we think will be right for you.