Hidden Benefits of Energy Efficient Window Film for Las Vegas Properties

Hidden Benefits of Energy Efficient Window Film for Las Vegas Properties

Are you paying more than you should for energy costs? Chances are, if your property has single pane windows, it absorbs a lot of heat during the day. When heat is constantly coming into your property, your HVAC system has to work extra hard to keep the interior cool. This translates into a higher monthly utility bill.

One way to solve this without replacing your windows is by installing energy efficient window film. From Las Vegas hotels, casinos, and restaurants to single family homes, buildings of all types can benefit from window tinting. The advantages go far beyond energy savings.

Below, we’ve discussed some of the hidden, lesser known benefits of energy efficient window tinting.

Why Window Film for Energy Efficiency?

Single pane windows are often the cause of excess heat gain or loss. Fluctuating temperatures cause heating and cooling units to work harder and run longer. This, of course, requires more energy which ends up costing more money.

Window tints and films provide a practical solution for improving the energy efficiency of single pane windows without replacing them. Not only are they more affordable than triple and double pane windows, they do not require any structural changes to install. And unlike blinds and curtains, they don’t block out light and make the room dark.

Benefits of Window Tinting that May Surprise You

It may come as no surprise that installing window tint is one of the best ways to improve the energy efficiency of your property. But there are other advantages that most people aren’t aware of such as:

  • UV Protection: Installing energy efficient window tint for your Las Vegas home or building is a smart way to protect it from UV rays. These ruthless rays of light are undetectable by the naked eye, but cause a host of problems ranging from skin cancer to fading in furniture.
  • Less Glare: If you get a lot of afternoon sun, you’ll appreciate this one. Tinting your windows is a great way to reduce glare and improve screen visibility for easy viewing of lap tops, TVs, and other electronics.
  • Average ROI of 3 Years: Did you know that the energy savings of window tint are so massive that people often get a full payback in three years? That’s a lot faster than triple and double pane windows, which can take 10-15 years to provide a full ROI.

Learn more about the benefits here: case-study-energy-efficient-window-tint-las-vegas


Improve the Energy Efficiency of your Property

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