How Huper Optik Nano Ceramic Window Films Can Help Save Kansas City Historic Buildings Money

How Huper Optik Nano Ceramic Window Films Can Help Save Kansas City Historic Buildings Money

Modern times have called for new innovations in the realm of architecture. Now, historic buildings are being improved with energy efficient technology in order to prevent greenhouse gas emissions and reduce energy consumption. One of the ways that architects are accomplishing this may come as a surprise, but it’s actually quite an effective and affordable solution.

Huper Optik Nano Ceramic Window Film is the new trend among Kansas City homeowners and building professionals. These technologically advanced window films harness the power of nanoceramics to control and regulate heat, making aged and poorly insulated windows perform like triple and double pane glass. The result is a cooler, more comfortable interior, a reduction in energy costs, and less fading in furniture, making it especially popular for historic buildings.


Retrofitting Historic Windows with Window Film

Historic buildings are important to the identity of a city. They tell a tale of history, of lives past and are intricately intertwined with modern times. For this reason and more, many historic societies recommend minimally invasive approaches when it comes to renovating old buildings. And one of the options they almost always recommend is window film.

Window film can be used to retrofit historic windows for improved energy efficiency instead of replacing them. This helps keep the historic look and value of the original architecture in tact. And it’s also likely to prevent the common structural issues that come from renovating historic architecture. With window film, you can easily improve the glazing performance of your window and not have to worry about causing any damage to the building itself or altering its appearance.

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Why Huper Optik Window Film?

Huper Optik Nanoceramic Window Film is one of the top recommended window films for Kansas City historic remodels. The reason for this is that they’re highly energy efficient and they’re also completely clear! Other window tinting products have a dark color or reflective properties that alter the look of historic glass. But with Huper Optik, you don’t have to worry about these types of unwanted aesthetic alterations and can enjoy many benefits including:

  • Up to 70% solar heat rejection
  • 99.9% protection from uv radiation
  • Crystal clear appearance
  • Enhanced daytime and nighttime views
  • Year round energy savings
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