Hospital window film is a minimal investment with huge returns.

Running a hospital can be an expensive task. Especially when your facility never shuts down. And your staff and patients absolutely must be made as comfortable as possible, your staff so they can do their jobs and your patients so they can focus on recovery. So where does hospital window film fit into this picture?

This ongoing, never ending need for climate control can make your heating and cooling costs outrageous. Especially here in Colorado, with our sweltering summers and frequently frigid winters. Energy efficient window film can block heat from coming in during the summer, and hold heat in during the winter, making it much easier to maintain temperatures in your hospital.

Here is the way hospital window film works. In the summer, it will block one of the main sources of heat, namely heat gain directly through the windows from the many hours of hot summer sun beating down. Window film is a coating that is applied to the inside of the windows, and it forms a molecular bond with the glass. It is resistant to scratching, bubbling, peeling, and letting in all that heat.

In the winter, you could say that energy efficiency window films work in the exact opposite way. Your furnace is hard at work, cranking out heat 24/7 all winter long. But many hospitals today feature large windows in patient rooms. Which is terrific for the patients. We all know the importance of natural light. But glass is not so terrific for keeping the heat where it belongs, which is indoors! A percentage of that heat dissipates right through the glass. Hospital window film is designed to prevent the heat from escaping through the glass, keeping your patients warmer with less output from your furnace.

Another benefit to hospital window film is its ease of application. We estimate it takes approximately twenty minutes per window, and our installers will work in such a way as to cause the minimal disruption. So, once your window film investment has paid for itself via energy bill savings, your facility will continue to reap the cost cutting benefits. What else might you like to use that money for?

If you run a hospital and you are looking for ways to stay on budget and bring down costs, we hope you’ll consider energy efficiency hospital window film. Why not give us a call at Scottish Window Tinting today to have any of your questions answered, get a quote, or set up an appointment?