Commercial Window Tinting as a Business Investment

Window tinting is becoming more and more popular for homeowners, but it can actually offer the same great benefits to business owners for commercial buildings. Commercial Window Film is a great business investment, and it can give you benefits even more far-reaching than return on the original cost.

Practical Applications of Commercial Window Tinting

Window film can be applied to one side of a building that perhaps sees the most direct sunlight, but it is most effective for energy savings year-round if applied to all windows. You can save on your cooling bills in the summer, and your heating bills throughout the colder months.

Some commercial buildings that greatly benefit from window film include offices, hotels, health care facilities, schools, retail spaces, and even warehouses. When it comes to protecting your assets, or keeping your clients comfortable, window tinting is the perfect addition to your business plan.

Commercial Window Film Benefits

As a business owner, you’re probably concerned about getting a fair return on the investments you make for your company. Window tinting actually gives one of the best business return on investments; from your energy savings alone your film will pay for itself in as little as 2 to 5 years, and then continue saving you money for years to come.

Directly related to investment return, the most popular reason for getting window film is the energy savings you’ll see. With new technology, we’ve been able to take window film that only helped keep heat out in the summer and create something that saves you energy no matter what season we’re in. You can actually lower your heating and cooling bills by up to 60 percent by adding commercial window film, a noticeable savings for your business.

When referring to energy savings, it’s important to note that you’ll notice more than just cost. Because it will cost you less to heat and cool your commercial building, you gain the ability to keep your facility at more comfortable temperatures consistently, keeping your employees and clients contented. This kind of savings can be particularly helpful in businesses such as hotels where the comfort of your guests is a top priority.

If you own a retail space or warehouse, window film can increase the life of your products by blocking out 99 percent of damaging UV rays from sunlight. When you are storing your merchandise, you want it to be safe. Normal windows can allow up to 88 percent of UV rays to pass through, which can cause fading and sun damage to your goods over time. By adding commercial window tinting, you can block these rays drastically and still use natural light in your building.

No matter what reason leads you to choose commercial window tinting for your business, you can count on a great product that you can feel comfortable investing in. Feel free to give Scottish Window Tinting a call today to learn more about getting window film installed on your commercial building, or to set up a consultation today!