Commercial window film for added security.

With commercial window film, Denver businesses have an affordable method to add security to their buildings. As a Denver business owner, you probably already have a security system in place for your store, office, restaurant, or any other kind of out-of-the-house business.

In fact, even if you work from home you might have a security system there as well. Even if your security is linked to the police or a security firm that will send someone right over, a determined criminal will still find some way to enter. But with security window film, they will not be able to enter via your windows.

After the installation of security or loss prevention commercial window film, Denver business owners will sleep easier at night. If someone does try to break in through your windows, while they might be able to shatter the glass, they still won’t be able to enter. The film will hold it together in the window frame and you’ll have a frustrated thief on your hands . . . and no mess of dangerous glass shards to clean up when you arrive.

What is your peace of mind worth to you? Better still, what is your inventory worth? Your computers and data? Your non-digital files? If there is anything in your offices or other commercial space that you would never want falling into the hands of a thief, commercial window film might be an excellent, cost-effective investment in your business’ security.


We are proud to offer security and loss prevention window films by the world leader, Llumar. Click here to see a demonstration of their loss prevention window film “in action.”

With our full line of top-performance commercial window film, Denver business owners can amp up the security of their offices in one easy installation. But that might not be your primary concern. Perhaps you’d like some security against the graffiti artists that plague some of Denver’s downtown neighborhoods. If that is the case, then our anti-graffiti window film might be more to your needs. With this particular film, if your storefront or offices do come under graffiti attack, all you’ll have to do is remove the window film, and it will take the graffiti with it. Then simply have fresh film reinstalled.

If you are looking for any kind of commercial window film, Denver or anywhere on the Front Range, we would love to talk to you. We offer a full line of commercial window films that meet a wide variety of needs, not just security. We have commercial energy saving films, decorative films, privacy films, even bomb-blast films. Please contact us today for more information or to receive a quote.