5 Clever Uses for 3M Building Wrap

5 Clever Uses for 3M Building Wrap

In case you haven’t heard yet, there’s a new advertising trend on the rise. Recent development of a new architectural technique that allows businesses to turn their entire building into a giant, life sized billboard. What is this cool new product you may ask? It’s called building wrap.

What Is Building Wrap?

Created by the innovative minds at 3M, Building Wrap is an exterior window film that transforms normal buildings into gigantic, 3D advertisements. It can be printed with any high definition graphic of your choice and it looks stunning.

Not sure if it would work for your building? Well, you may be happy to know that building wrap is quite durable and versatile. It can be applied to both rough and smooth surfaces and is also highly weather resistant. It’s been used in places as dry as Texas and as snowy as Moscow.

5 Ways to Use Building Wrap for Your Business Needs

Corporations all across the nation are starting to catch on to the benefits that building wrap can offer. Below are just some of the ways that this cutting edge product is being used.

1. Street advertising
This one may be a given, but the benefits are real. Imagine being able to reach hundreds of new customers just by making one simple alteration. You have the building already, so why not get the most out of your investment?!

2. Exterior resurfacing
If your building has a chipped, cracked, or a worn exterior, you can refurbish it easily with building wrap. Building wrap can cover up all those tiny defects and make your space look brand new.

3. Metal refurbishing
Did we mention that building wrap can be printed in any appearance? That includes a metallic finish. Building wrap repairs damaged aluminum or stainless steel surfaces with ease.

4. Event promotion
Building wrap can help you promote upcoming events and increase your sales. For example, when the winter Olympics came to Russia, one smart company decided to use building wrap to advertise the event and gained advantage from the increased traffic.

5. Decoration
Add an artistic touch to your walls to make your business stand out from the crowd. Building wrap is a fun and festive way to decorate.

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