3M DICHROIC Glass Finishes Can Make Your Austin Building Look Like One of a Kind

3M DICHROIC Glass Finishes Can Make Your Austin Building Look Like One of a Kind

Looking for a way to make your business stand out? Install 3M DICHROIC Glass Finishes! Colorful, artistic, and highly alluring, 3M DICHROIC Glass Finishes are perfect for Austin retail environments, office buildings, museums, theaters, and art galleries. These fun and festive decorative films are great for enhancing the aesthetics of conference rooms, lobbies, private offices, and more.

About 3M DICHROIC Glass Finishes

3M DICHROIC Glass Finishes are a type of “color changing” decorative window film. When viewed from different angles, DICHROIC Glass Finishes appear in different tones and spectrums, making surfaces look like they actually change color. And they’re incredibly durable too! 3M DICHROIC Glass Finishes are made of tough polyester materials that are designed to be scratch resistant which makes them perfect for both interior and exterior applications alike.

The Benefits

If you’re looking for a way to attract new customers and grow your business, 3M DICHROIC Glass Finishes are the decorative film for you! Whether your goal is to impress your clients or attract tourists or consumers passing by on the street, 3M DICHROIC Glass Finishes can provide the solution you need. Installing 3M DICHROIC Glass Finishes has many benefits such as:

  • An alluring appearance that attracts customers & increases profits
  • A highly durable and scratch resistant surface
  • Versatility from a wide range of color schemes & options
  • Privacy for conference rooms, lobbies & meeting areas
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    3M DICHROIC Glass Finishes Options

    3M DICHROIC Glass Finishes are available in a wide range of exciting color options so you can get the perfect look to match your building’s existing architecture and decor. Choose from many fun and festive choices such as “Blaze” and “Chill”. Whether you’re looking for a decorative film that adds fire and excitement to your decor or something that creates a calm, relaxing ambience, there’s a 3M DICHROIC Glass Finish decorative film out there for you.

    Install 3M DICHROIC Glass Finishes for Your Austin Building

    Take your look to a whole new level. Call Scottish Window Tinting to have 3M DICHROIC Glass Finishes installed for your Austin office, hotel, or retail store today!