Can Window Film Damage Windows?

Can Window Film Damage Windows?

Any homeowner with window film on their house will tell you how great it is. Almost immediately after it’s installed you can feel the temperature difference in your home. The air goes from warm and dry to cool and comfortable. It feels better on your skin, can improve your ability to sleep and focus, and can also save you quite a bit of cash by cutting down your electricity usage.

Still, some people are hesitant about tinting their windows because of old myths. They think that somehow it will damage their windows and that the damage will cost a lot of money to fix. However, there is really no truth behind this superstition. It’s the result of an elaborate tale told by window manufacturers that they use to get out of paying to replace faulty products. Let us explain.

Finding a Window Film that’s a Good Fit

If you install the right type of window film, you have nothing to worry about in regards to damaging your windows. However, for this reason, it’s important to work with a professional tinting contractor instead of trying to do it on your own.

Window film is not a one size fits all kind of thing. Some films are better suited for certain types of windows. If you have textured glass, a liquid window film may be best. Or if you have double pane or low-e windows, you’ll need a film that works well with these specific glass profiles.

But don’t worry. Your tinting contractor is your go to source for finding the right film. They’ll work with you to find a product that works with your type of windows and the budget you have in mind.

What Causes Cloudiness in Windows?

Some people are worried that installing window film will make their windows foggy over time. But window film is not the cause of a foggy window. It has literally nothing to do with it. Actually, the reason that windows become foggy is because the seal fails. Moisture gets trapped between the two panes of glass.

When this happens, window manufacturing companies will do everything they can to avoid replacing the windows. They’ll perform a so-called “inspection” and use any excuse they can find to blame for the fogginess. Window film is a go-to scapegoat. Homeowners are tricked into thinking they’re at fault, when really the manufacturer is to blame. There is no evidence or research that suggests that window film causes cloudiness or damages windows.

Why It’s Important to Work with a Professional

Window film will not cause any damage to windows. But a poor installation could change the appearance of the glass. If installed incorrectly, air bubbles or creases may form on the film. This will affect your ability to see out of your windows. And even if you manage to get the first one or two windows right, are you really confident that you can do the same thing for all of the rest of the windows of your home without making a single mistake?

That’s why we recommend working with a pro. They’ll use a squeegee to make sure that all of air and creases are removed so that your windows remain perfectly clear. This will save you time, money, and a lot of emotional distress.

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