When our clients call us and ask for office window tint, they could be asking about a wide variety of different commercial window film products.

Office window tinting benefits

Office window tinting benefits

When our clients call us and ask for office window tint, they could be asking about a wide variety of different commercial window film products. And each of these different products can provide different benefits and even add a different appearance to the office’s windows.

Let’s take a look at the main types of office window tint available today, and what each of them does for a business owner.

1. Privacy window film: this kind of office window tint does exactly as the name suggests: it provides privacy so people cannot look into your office space. It can come in a variety of different styles and finishes. You could get a privacy office window tint with a mirrored finish, so you can easily and clearly see out but no one can see in, just like mirrored sunglasses. You could get a privacy film that resembles painted or etched glass.

2. Decorative window film: if your office needs an instant style upgrade, this office window tint will do the job beautifully, in a number of colors, patterns, and designs. You can also have this window film customized to include your business’ name, logo, message, office hours, etc.


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3. Energy saving window film: this is the big seller in office window tint. Once installed, this high-performance product can cut down on heating and cooling bills giving substantial savings over the course of a year. It acts similarly to low-E glass, reflecting the sun’s heat outward in summer and keeping your furnace’s heat inside during winter.

4. Security window film: this is the perfect office window tint if you have a security system but are still worried that someone might break in through your windows and steal from you.

5. Anti –graffiti window film: placed on the outside of your office windows, this film is easily removed in the case of a graffiti attack, taking the offending paint with it. Then a fresh film can be reapplied.

office window tinting salt lake city6. Bomb blast window film: if yours is a government office, or your offices are in a company that deals with chemicals which might explode, or might come under threat of a terrorist attack, this office window tint can offer serious peace of mind. It will hold the glass in the window frame even during an explosion, not allowing the glass to turn into potentially deadly shrapnel.

If you are looking for office window tint of any kind, please give us a call. We’re happy to offer suggestions as to which of our top-quality window films is the most appropriate for your needs, and offer a quote for the job. Please contact Scottish Window Tinting today.

For the past fifteen years, Mike Kinsey has been consulting on window tinting projects all across the United States. As the Operations Manager at Scottish Window Tinting, Mike strives to ensure that each and every customer is completely satisfied and personally oversees all projects from start to finish. His extensive background in project management and construction gives him unique perspective and insight which he brings to every job. Mike has sold and installed over 250,000 sq. ft. of window film and is an expert on all brands. He is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.