Salt Lake City | Safety and Security Window Film

Loss Prevention for Homes and Businesses

At Scottish Stained Glass, we understand that safety is a priority for homeowners and business owners alike. That’s why we offer a wide selection of Safety and Security Vista and LLumar window film products to our Salt Lake City customers.

What is Security Window Film?

Security window film is an innovative product which prevents windows from shattering in the event of a collision from debris or an attempted break-in. Security window film can be tinted or completely clear and comes in a variety of tensile strengths. This unique film is designed to be strong yet flexible, and holds the shards of a piece of impacted glass together in the event of any sort of collision. In this way, security window film protects a building in 2 ways, by preventing the initial malicious or accidental breakage of the window in question and mitigating collateral damage to the area surrounding the broken window. For a more detailed look at the specifications behind our security window film products, check out our window film products page!

Who Can Benefit?

We recommend Safety and Security window film to all of our Salt Lake City customers. Residential customers living at street level in major cities can utilize security window film to prevent break ins and theft. Suburban dwellers with small children and/or pets can also benefit from the added protection by avoiding broken windows from stray baseballs and other mishaps. Safety window film ensures that even in the event of a collision, your children or pets will not be in danger of stepping on dangerous broken glass.

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Salt Lake City business owners can also seriously benefit from a security window film upgrade from Scottish Window Tinting. Retail establishments with large street facing windows can be an easy target for robbers, but security window film can help to deter theft and prevent merchandise and capital loss. Office buildings, hotels and airports as well can improve their security measures with a window film installation.

Most importantly of all, our security window film provides peace of mind to all of our clients, commercial and residential alike. With a window film upgrade to your Salt Lake City home or business, you can rest easy knowing that your loved ones and your property will be protected no matter what curve-balls life throws your way!

If you’d like to learn more or to schedule a free, in home consultation with our Salt Lake City window film experts, please visit our contact page!