Mirror and Metal Restoration for Fort Worth

Scottish Window Tinting is the Number One Source for Mirror and Metal Restoration in Fort Worth

Scratches, corrosion, and graffiti can make your property look worn down or unclean. Unfortunately, completely replacing damaged fixtures can be an expensive cost for business owners to incur, and replacement doesn’t do anything to prevent future damage. That’s why we use anti graffiti film from Graffiti Shield on our mirror and metal restoration projects. Fort Worth schools, transit systems, and commercial buildings can all benefit from anti graffiti film because it offers a low cost, long term solution to mirror and metal damage. Anti graffiti film is a highly durable film that’s designed to cover up existing graffiti and also protects the underlying surfaces from being scratched, painted, or marked. It’s a smart choice for restroom partitions, bathroom mirrors, elevators, transit vehicles, and more.

Applications for Mirror and Metal Restoration

Commercial and Residential Property Protection

In some of the older neighborhoods of Fort Worth, graffiti is a prevalent issue. Not only does it look unsightly, but it can also cost building managers a large expense in property renovations. With anti graffiti film, you can make metal surfaces and mirrors in your property look brand new again and protect them from future damage at an affordable cost. It’s perfect for applying to elevators, escalators, metal signage, and more.

Bus Stops, Light Rail Stations, and Transit Systems

Public transit systems are of incredible importance in Fort Worth. Yet vandals target bus stops, trains, and light rail stations because they feel like they are less likely to get caught in these areas. Scottish Window Tinting can help you completely eliminate the presence of graffiti in your transit vehicles and stations. Our anti graffiti film covers up paint, marker, deep scratching, acid etching, and more.

School Restroom Partitions and Mirrors

Keep your school looking safe and clean with mirror and metal restoration. We can restore scratched, corroded, or tagged bathroom mirrors and stall at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Our anti graffiti is perfect for Fort Worth schools and universities because it offers a low cost and long term solution to vandalism as well as general wear and tear.

Make your building look as new as the first day it opened. Contact Scottish Window Tinting for mirror and metal restoration in Fort Worth.