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Window Film for Longmont, Colorado

If you’ve heard about window tinting but aren’t quite sure it’s the right solution for rising energy costs in your home or commercial space—now’s the time to take a closer look at this green, cost-efficient technology.
Window tint, also known as window film, is referred to as a technology because it forms a molecular bond with the glass and will not scratch, bubble or peel over time. It has amazing properties that can lower your energy costs up to 50 percent and make your Longmont home or office so much more comfortable—all year round.

Benefits of Longmont Window Tint

Colorado residents face cold, snowy winters with bitter storms and hot summers where the sun bakes down on your home, store, office, or commercial building. For the energy conscious citizens of Longmont, window tint just makes good sense.

“Buy with confidence! We noticed a HUGE difference in just 2 days! Great product and great company!” ~~Gwen Jencks, July 11, 2013

Take a look at these statistics:

  • Longmot, ColoradoReduces your overall heating and cooling costs up to 50% over a year’s time.
  • Cuts down as much as 79 percent of the sun’s heat blasting through your windows—allowing you to lower or even eliminate air conditioning in the summer.
  • Let’s Colorado’s glorious sunshine in, darkening your glass only to the degree you want.
  • Blocks up to 99 percent of the sun’s damaging UV radiation, protecting you as well as your furnishings.
  • Forms a thermal barrier in winter, keeping your expensive heat in your dwelling, by improving the thermal efficiency of the glass. A single pane of glass will have the efficiency of a double. If you already have double panes, they will have the thermal efficiency of a triple pane. Don’t you feel warmer and cozier already?
  • Reduces the glare reflecting off your TVs, computers, and other screens. Your eyes will thank you!

Longmont Residential Window Tinting

Scottish Window Tinting has been in the home improvement game here in Colorado for over twenty years. We have seen the difference for residential window tinting has made in our own homes and our own dramatically lowered energy bills.

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Commercial Window Film Longmont

We are proud to offer Longmont commercial window film including Vista Window Film, Enerlogic Window Film, and Llumar Window Film. Let our expert, efficient and professional staff help you choose the perfect product for your needs!

Does your building or office need security film, to prevent break-ins? Does it need frosted or decorative film for privacy or marketing? Or are you mainly interested in energy efficiency and cost savings?
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